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The following are novels, comics, and other products that I wrote, illustrator, or otherwise helped publish. Most are set in my fantasy universe Wulfgard or sci-fi universe Nova Refuge.

Wulfgard: Knightfall

A Novel
written by Maegan A. Stebbins
with contributions and illustrations by Justin R. R. Stebbins

tells the story of Sir Tom Drake, a knight of Illikon, as he faces a barbarian invasion under orders from his ruthless Imperial superiors. Meanwhile, something is hunting him... terrifying werewolves and dark assassins hound his tracks, and when he sleeps he is plagued by nightmares. The events that are about to unfold will change his life, and the world, forever.


Our price: $19.99 (includes Knightfall bookmark!)

Tales of Wulfgard, Vol. 1
A Collection of 5 Wulfgard stories by
Justin R. R. Stebbins and Maegan A. Stebbins

Price: $0.99

Wulfgard: Into the North

A Graphic Novel
written and drawn by Justin R. R. Stebbins

In the frozen North, a lone Wanderer is hunted by a werewolf. In the Imperial capital, a young elven thief is caught by a cult of dark conspirators. In the city of Rimegard, a princess struggles to hide a terrible secret. And in the darkness deep beneath the world, a clan of dwarves fights an ancient war. These four groups of people have one thing in common: Their fates are destined to intertwine. The graphic novel Into the North introduces them, and tells these first four chapters of a much larger tale. Contains all of the pages posted online as the Wulfgard webcomic, with improved artwork on several pages, plus 8 all new pages!

Wulfgard: Into the North LIMITED EDITION!
This edition of Into the North features an alternate, minimalist cover design, and each of the 100 copies is signed and numbered by Justin and Maegan!

Price: $23.99

The Music of Wulfgard
A 6-track album of music by Ryan C. Stebbins, inspired by the world of Wulfgard.
3 tracks currently available, with full album available for pre-order!

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Wulfgard Playing Card Deck
A full 54-card deck of standard playing cards, with a different full-color illustration of a Wulfgard character on the face of each card! Comes in a clear plastic case. Available only from this website!

Price: $9.99

The Legend of Saber-Scorpion, Book 1
Warrior Born
Written & Illustrated by Justin R. Stebbins
Published 2008

"Soldiers are Made... Warriors are Born."

Three hundred years ago, planet Earth was destroyed by the supernova of her own life-giving sun. What was left of humanity had fled to Terra Nova in the galaxy Nova Refuge.

At first the new human nations were able to work together to fight back the Natives of this new galaxy. Once the Xenocide War was over, however, rivalries began to grow stronger. CONON, the Council of Nations of Nova Refuge, was formed to resolve disputes by mediation, to keep peace among men. For in this age of devastating new weaponry, and in this galaxy full of hostile Natives eager to take advantage of any dissent, a stellar war between the major human factions is humanity's greatest fear... And one man's greatest dream.

So begins his project to bring war back to its founding point: to train the ultimate human soldiers... the Warriors Born.

For more information, please visit:

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Also available in paperback and digital Kindle eBook formats on Amazon!


G4M3: Shattered Reality
A Science Fiction Novel by Justin R. Stebbins
232 pages - published 2006

It is the future. Mankind has achieved its highest goal: Utopia. All men are now united in what they believe to be complete peace and equality. Watched over by the Order and its android guardians in a strictly organized society, no hurt can befall the mindless masses of this world-city. There is, however, one thing in all of Utopia that its citizens can do to break the peaceful monotony... and that is play the GAME. G4M3 (pronounced simply "game") is a virtual world of constant war into which a Player can enter, choose a side, and lead a life of passion and violence - the kind of life that the Order does not allow them to lead at home. Kyle Roswell, the grandson of the man who is credited with the invention of G4M3, is one of these Players. But when he begins his alternate life in this vividly realistic world, he finds that he cannot stop playing. And G4M3, he discovers, hides a terrible secret...

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Paperback: $15.00