Custom LEGO Minifigure: Revolutionary Redcoat Soldier
Minifig: Historic Revolutionary Leader
October 22, 2016
Custom LEGO Minifigure: Roman Legion Soldier
Minifig: Historic Roman Legionary
October 22, 2016
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Minifig: Custom Saracen Warrior

From: $23.99

Armed with steel and conviction, and clad in lamellar armor, the Arabian Saracen Warrior is a force to be reckoned with! The natural enemies of the Crusader Knight, they are experts at hit-and-run light cavalry attacks. Scimitar optional – add if desired.

Minifigure comes pre-assembled, with stickers applied, as seen in photo.

Saracen Warrior


BrickWarriors Scimitar – optional

18 in stock

BrickForge Turban

The BrickForge Turban is composed of 2 parts. The upper cap can be removed and replaced by the BrickForge Arabian Helmet!

136 in stock

BrickForge Arabian Helmet – optional

The BrickForge Arabian Helmet can fit on top of any minifig head, or into the top of the BrickForge Turban!

Out of stock

BrickWarriors Rebel Sica – optional

20 in stock

Additional information
Weight 0.01 lbs
Skin Color

Classic Yellow, Light Flesh Tone, Medium Flesh Tone, Brown

Body Color

Black, Dark Grey, Brown, Tan, White, Red, Blue

Armor Type

Leather, Iron, Bronze

Head/Mask Color

Black, White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue, Red, Tan

Saracen Warrior

BrickWarriors Scimitar

BrickForge Turban

BrickForge Arabian Helmet

BrickWarriors Rebel Sica

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