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Stickers: Wulfgard Imperial Legionnaire


When King Exar I of Coria observed the tactics of the Dvergar of the Blackrock Foothills, he mimicked them – improved upon them, some say – to create his heavily-armored Legion, with which he subsequently forged the Achaean Empire. Today, the Legion still forms the backbone of the Empire, carving out new territory and building roads and fortifications. Their modern armor bears the four-pointed star of Astra Aeterna, symbol of the current Empire.

NOTE: These stickers are complex and can be difficult to apply. First, apply the leg stickers (to black, dark brown, or skin-color legs). Next attach the shoulder stickers to the front and back of the torso, wrapping them over the upper arm. Finally, cut out the torso sticker and the neck area in the center of it, then remove the backing from all but the “dangling” portions on either end. Leave pieces of backing on the skirt portions. Then adhere the wrap-over torso design. Finally, cut the shield sticker in half and cut out the central dark rectangle and the yellow points on either end of it. Discard these. Then attach what’s left to a BrickWarriors Roman Shield (Scutum). The resulting minifig should look something like this!

Additional information
Skin Color

Classic Yellow, Flesh Tone

Armor Color

Gold, Silver, Steel

Cloth Color

White, Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Pink, Red, Dark Red, Yellow, Light Orange, Orange, Dark Orange, Sand Green, Lime Green, Olive Green, Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Tan, Dark Tan, Brown, Dark Brown

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