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April 2, 2020
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May 14, 2020
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Stickers: Wulfgard Imperial Tabard & Shield


The noble houses and great city-states of the Achaean Empire represent some of the mightiest powers in Wulfgard! Now your knights and soldiers can proudly display their Imperial colors and heraldry for all to see.

NOTE: Only ONE tabard (front & back) and ONE shield sticker is included with each item, as per your chosen options. Full list of options can be seen in the second image.

Additional information
Shield Type

1.5 cm Round, 2 cm Round, 1.5 cm Triangular, CMF Knight, Ovoid Shield, Rectangular, Brickforge Knight Shield, Brickforge Military Shield, Brickforge Battle Shield


Coronaria, Paladin, Plutarch, Rimegard, Hartwin, Illikon, Drake, Marks, Artorius, Stonebridge, Kallistos, Deltalund, Caltha, Pirgos, Templaria (city), Pythia, Templar (order), Lake Demon, Redfield, Lycaos, Goldcrossing, Olgovic, Draculea, Vulpowicz, Balescu, Sevenxia, Hospitaller, Inquisitor, Andallo, Whitehorn, Piera, Edrimark, Appledale, Justantion, Tabula, Sunfire Isle, Ravenstone

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