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Wulfgard Illustrated Playing Card Deck
November 21, 2016
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The Wulfgard Books & Cards Bundle


This bundle includes the Wulfgard: Knightfall paperback novel, Wulfgard: Into the North Volume 1 graphic novel, the Tales of Wulfgard eBook, and the illustrated playing card deck! Step into the beginnings of our dark fantasy universe with all these products of our original Kickstarter project!

Wulfgard: Knightfall - Paperback Novel

A dark fantasy novel set in the world of Wulfgard,
written by
Maegan A. Stebbins
with contributions and illustrations by
Justin R. R. Stebbins

tells the story of Sir Tom Drake, a knight of the Achaean frontier city of Illikon. Together with his close friends and fellow soldiers, he wants only to protect his city and its people from any who would threaten them. But the Achaean Empire to which they swear loyalty is always seeking out new conflicts that put his city in danger. When Sir Scaevius, Left Hand of the Emperor, arrives in Illikon to recruit Sir Drake to help fight the massing barbarian alliance to the North, Drake has no choice but to obey. But he does not obey without protest, and soon he finds himself fighting not only the barbarians, but his own superiors as well. Meanwhile, strange things begin happening to him. He suffers blackouts, and at night he is plagued by terrifying nightmares. Even worse, he finds himself being stalked by horrific monsters... werewolves. Hated by his superiors, hunted by beasts and assassins, Drake must fight for his home, his life, and even his mind. The events that are about to unfold will change his life, and the world, forever.

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Wulfgard: Into the North - Paperback Comic

Written and illustrated by
Justin R. R. Stebbins

Set in the world of Wulfgard by
Justin R. R. and Maegan A. Stebbins

A full-color graphic novel set in the fantasy world of Wulfgard, Into the North introduces four sets of characters whose fates are destined to intertwine...

In the frozen North, a lone wanderer stumbles down out of the impassable Jagged Edge mountains, finally returning home after a year of wandering the world... and something - or someone - seems to be hunting him.

In the Imperial capital, a young elven thief chooses the wrong building to burglarize... and finds herself caught up in a dark conspiracy involving an exiled noble lord, his pet demoness, and a cult of assassins, all hunting for a set of ancient artifacts.

In the city of Rimegard, a princess wishes to help her family protect their kingdom from encroaching barbarian raiders... but she also hides a terrifying secret that, if revealed, would make her an enemy in the eyes of their own Imperial law.

In the darkness deep beneath the surface of rhe world, a clan of Dvergar - dwarves - fight an ancient unseen war with a civilization of corrupt demon-worshipers. A noble smith finds himself on the first steps of a path that will take him far from home.

The Limited Edition of Into the North features an alternate, minimalist cover design, and each of the 100 copies is signed and numbered by Justin and Maegan!

Also available on Amazon!

NOTE: For best print quality, ordering from Amazon is recommended, because the colors came out slightly too dark on the initial print run and were later corrected for the current Amazon edition.


Wulfgard Illustrated Playing Card Deck

This full 54-card deck of standard playing cards features a full-color illustration of a different Wulfgard character on the face of each and every card! Comes in a clear plastic case.

Available only from this website!


Tales of Wulfgard, Vol. 1 - ebook

NOTE: Download link can only be used twice, and expires 1 week after purchase, so save your file!

Tales of Wulfgard, Volume 1 is a digital ebook collection of stories by brother and sister Justin R. R. Stebbins and Maegan A. Stebbins, set in the dark fantasy world of Wulfgard! There are 5 tales, each exploring the background of a particular important character of Wulfgard:

"Speak No Evil" - Whisper's Tale - by Justin
Whisper has never lived anywhere except the City - never even been beyond its walls. She knows it like the back of her hand, knows the long faces of its dark buildings like the faces of old friends - almost her only friends. But there is a new gang in town: a shadowy cult kidnapping young street urchins for an unknown purpose. And Whisper becomes one of their victims.

"A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" - Chris's Tale - by Maegan
On a lonely farm on the far northern frontier of the Achaean Empire, a young boy is born with stark white hair - a sure sign of witchcraft and sorcery. His loving parents protect him and keep him hidden from the sight of other people, who would surely see him killed for his dangerous abilities. But the fearful locals are not the only thing the family has to worry about: something lurks in the shadows of the forest near their home. Something with a taste for blood...

"Potential Energy" - Lord Plutarch's Tale - by Justin
The House of Plutarchus is one of the oldest and most powerful families in all of the Achaean Empire. But its youngest son, Septimus Plutarch, wishes to make his own way in the world. With great care, he begins planning a life of power and prestige, and more importantly, independence. But one day he makes a discovery about himself that brings all his plans crumbling down... and opens up a new, far more dangerous path to even greater power.

"Hunted" - Caiden's Tale - by Maegan
Since before recorded history, the ancient organization known as the Venatori have protected the people of the Achaean Empire from the threat of creatures far more powerful than any man: monsters. Even Caiden and Gwen - both highly trained hunters - find themselves outmatched when confronted with one of the deadliest beasts in the mortal realms: a werewolf. It will take all their experience and cunning to survive.

"Wake Not the Sleeping Bull" - Jörgen's Tale - by Justin
Jörgen the Lone Bull is a proud son of Northrim, despite being an orphan. He wants nothing more than to protect his home from conquest by the ever-expanding Achaean Empire. After fighting skirmishes against them for years as an outlaw, he finally joins a Northern army willing to take the fight to the Imperials directly. But Jörgen finds that real war is not quite as glorious as he had hoped, and he may never be able to go home the same man he was before.

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