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Welcome to Saber-Scorpion’s Lair!

Hi! I’m Justin R. R. Stebbins (“Saber-Scorpion”). I build custom LEGO toys, write books, and draw comics – among other things. This website is where I display and sell my creations. Take a look around and enjoy!

Saber-Scorpion’s Lair is an authorized reseller of Brickarms and BrickWarriors brand minifigure accessories. We also carry BrickForge items. I also do commission work – if you are interested in commissioning a custom minifig, just email me!

The Lair Shop is also the official home of products based on Wulfgard and Nova Refuge – the fantasy and sci-fi universes created by yours truly! Please take a look at the books, comics, and more that I have worked hard to create. And if you happen to get a bookmark in your order, give it to someone you know who might like my work. Thanks!

And don’t forget to visit our forum community (SSLF) to chat about all of the above!