Custom LEGO Minifigure: Post-Nuclear Fallout Commander
Minifig: Post-Apoc Steel Commander
November 4, 2016
Custom LEGO Minifigure: Post-Nuclear Fallout Legion
Minifig: Post-Apoc Slaver Legionary
November 5, 2016
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Minifig: Post-Apoc Elite Desert Trooper


Geared up to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland blanketed by nuclear fallout, this lone ranger brings law and order to a world of chaos. A veteran of a new republic army, clad in his weathered duster and signature black armor, those who see the glowing eyes of his gas mask run in fear!

Minifigures come pre-assembled, with stickers applied, as seen in photo. NOTE: Exact gun included may vary, depending on what we have in stock!

Additional information
Weight 0.01 lbs

Riot Armor (seen in first image), Desert Camo (seen in second image)


Revolver, Sniper Rifle

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