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BrickWarriors Kettle Helm
November 6, 2017
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November 24, 2017
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Minifig: Elder Series 5 Custom Dragonslayer / Death Drengr

From: $33.95

The Elder Series adventurers are among the world’s best dungeon delvers, exploring deep into caves & ruins, fighting demons and dragons, and finding ancient scrolls and lost artifacts!

The most fearsome monsters in all the land are the Dragons, and the only way to slay them is if their blood runs in your veins. So it is with the Dragonslayer, a dragonborn hero foretold through the ages! Customize yours today!

NOTE: Weapons included may vary from phtoos! Optional weapons listed – add if desired!



Brickarms Claymore – optional

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Brickarms Claymore

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