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November 5, 2021
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November 5, 2021
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Only you can stop the dark demon’s wrath and the dragon’s flame before they claim more innocent souls! Can the chosen one defeat the bloodborne evil that plagues the streets of this elden land? With your mighty armor, sword, magic ring, and undead powers, build your demon hunters with this epic dark fantasy pack today!

Includes shield stickers for Ovoid Shield AND BrickForge Knight Shields!

Recommended minifigure colors (left to right):
Hero: Dark Blue torso, Light Grey legs & head
Cinder Lord: Dark Grey torso & head, Black legs
Dark Flame Knight: Black minifigure with 1×4 tile for sword blade
Dark Warrior: Black torso, legs, and head
Blood Hunter: Dark Grey torso and legs
Solar Knight: Light Grey torso and legs
Wolf Warrior: Grey head, dark grey or brown body
Cursed Knights: Dark Grey torso and legs
Maiden: Dark Tan torso with dark tan 1×2 brick and 2x 1×2 plates for legs
Undefeated Valkyrie: Dark Brown torso with 1×2 brick and 2x 1×2 plates for legs
Shadow Ronin: Orange torso, Dark Brown legs
Dogma Knight: Light Grey torso and legs

Additional information
Human Skin Color

Light Flesh Tone, Classic Yellow

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