Space Wars Headhunter Mauler Clan
Stickers: Space Wars Headhunter Mauler Clan
November 12, 2020
Space Wars Star Temple of the High Order Pack
Stickers: Space Wars High Temple of Light Pack
November 12, 2020
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Stickers: Sci-Fi Predatory Alien Skullhunters


In the vast void of space, there are aliens of all kind. Most dangerous of all are the Skullhunters, a species of predator that hunts other aliens for sport. They wear little armor and fight with stealth, concealing their hideous, mandible-covered faces behind tribal masks. Pray you never meet one!

Includes two sets of stickers, for the torso (front and back), legs, wrists, and faces.

Recommended minifig color: Dark Tan

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