BrickWarriors Thraex Gladiator Helmet
BrickWarriors Gladiator Helmet (Thraex)
December 8, 2017
BrickWarriors Viking Axe
BrickWarriors Viking Axe
December 11, 2017
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Stickers: Watcher Angel and Witch


The only way to protect humanity is by keeping a close overwatch. But who watches the Watchers? Perhaps it’s the healing Guardian Angel, who hovers high over the battlefield in her wingsuit, keeping a close eye on her allies and showing mercy to even her foes.

Recommended minifig colors (for default): Black torso with orange arms and dark brown (or black) legs

Additional information

White and Orange, White and Blue, White and Dark Grey, White and Purple, White and Green, Gold and Red, Blue and White, Witch Costume

Skin Color

Light Flesh Tone, Classic Yellow

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