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August 13, 2022
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Instructions: Alien Invasion Series 3 Marine Recon Vehicle


In the night sky, a halo of light erupts from a distant planet: an explosion from orbital bombardment. The Alien Invasion has begun! Earth’s first line of defense are the Space Corps Marines – the United Nations has ordered them to defend Earth and her colonial territories by any means necessary! Rough and tough as a warthog, the Marine Recon Vehicle can go anywhere!

This is a downloadable PDF file containing building instructions and parts list. NO PARTS ARE INCLUDED! Just the directions for construction and list of pieces required, which you will have to provide yourself. The best site for ordering LEGO elements is Bricklink.

NOTE: Download link will expire in 90 days after your purchase. Limit THREE (3) downloads. Be sure to save a copy of the file and/or print it!

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