Custom LEGO Minifigure: Fantasy Master Thief
Minifig: Elder Series 5 Shadow Thief
October 21, 2016
Custom LEGO Minifigure: Dark Elf Cleric
Minifig: Fantasy Dark Elf Cleric
October 21, 2016
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Minifig: Fantasy Dark Elf Ranger


The Dungeon Delvers are the world’s top adventurers, exploring deep into caves & ruins, fighting demons and dragons, and best of all: finding epic loot!

With his keen senses and twin scimitars, the Dark Elf Ranger is an unparalleled master swordsman and tracker, striking from the shadows or in head-on combat!

Minifigure comes pre-assembled, with stickers applied, as seen in photo. NOTE: Exact swords included may vary slightly, depending on what’s in stock!

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