Anime Adventurer Noblewoman Minifigure
Minifig: Anime Adventurer Noblewoman
August 8, 2017
Fantasy Hide of Saviors Decals
Stickers: Elder Series 5 Hide Armor
August 28, 2017
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Minifig: Fantasy Dark Spirits Hero

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Only the Dark Spirit Hero can stop the undead from stealing the souls of the innocent! A true chosen one, he is the only warrior the demon fears. Clad in a dark blue surcoat and shield with gold decoration, chainmail, and helmet, he is ready to venture into the deepest dungeons to bring the light to their dark halls.

Minifigure comes pre-assembled, with stickers applied. Includes everything seen in photo. 

NOTE: Helmet is painted silver, no matter which color part is chosen. Sword is optional. Add if desired!

Dark Spirit Hero

BrickWarriors Jousting Helmet

This intimidating, angular helmet is great for a wide variety of uses, both medieval knight and sci-fi warrior! Has a hole in the top to fit a crest or plume.


Brickarms Damien Blade Sword – optional

This elegant blade is the perfect weapon for any medieval knight or fantasy adventurer, based on a variety of historic sword designs.

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BrickWarriors Jousting Helmet

Brickarms Damien Blade Sword

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