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August 28, 2017
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August 29, 2017
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Stickers: Elder Series 5 Hide Armor


The Elder Series adventurers are among the world’s best dungeon delvers, exploring deep into caves & ruins, fighting demons and dragons, and finding ancient scrolls and lost artifacts! Among these is the demonic artifact known as the Hide of Salvation – some of the best armor in all the realms!

Recommended minifig color: dark grey torso

Additional information

Yellow Human, Light Flesh Human, Medium Flesh Human, Brown Human, Dark Grey Elf, Green Lizard, Dark Red Lizard, Brown Lizard, Tan Lizard, Grey Feline, White Feline, Tan Feline, Orange Feline, Green Orc, Sand Green Orc, Grey Orc, Grey Zombie, Sand Green Zombie

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