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October 22, 2016
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Minifig: Historic Medieval Knight

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Armed with cold steel and divine purpose, the Medieval Knight proudly wears the colors and symbol of the order to which he is sworn. His chainmail, great helm, and shield are all but impenetrable. Whether a proud defender of his kingdom or a zealous crusader on the march, few foes can stand against this mighty warrior!

Minifigure comes pre-assembled, with stickers applied, as seen in photo. NOTE: Sword is OPTIONAL – add if desired! The “Solar Knight” option does NOT include a shield, but DOES include a tattered dark green cloth scarf. See image gallery.

Medieval Knight


Brickarms Damien Blade Sword – optional

This elegant blade is the perfect weapon for any medieval knight or fantasy adventurer, based on a variety of historic sword designs.


BrickForge Great Helm

No medieval knight should be without a helmet, and it's hard to beat the Great Helm! Features a hole on top for a plume.

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Medieval Knight

Brickarms Damien Blade Sword

BrickForge Great Helm

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