Custom LEGO Minifigure: Roman Legion Soldier
Minifig: Historic Roman Legionary
October 22, 2016
Custom LEGO Greek Spartan Hoplite Minifigure
Minifig: Historic Greek Spartan Hoplite
October 23, 2016
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Minifig: Roman Gladiator Avenger


This gladiator is out for revenge on the Emperor of Rome himself! He may be a slave in the arena, but he has the favor of the Roman mob on his side. Are they not entertained?

Minifigure comes pre-assembled, with stickers applied, as seen in photo.

NOTE: If “light flesh tone” skin is chosen, legs will be BLACK with light flesh tone stickers around them, similar to the Roman Legionary minifigure.
NOTE: Exact sword included may vary, depending on what’s in stock.

Additional information
Weight 0.01 lbs
Skin Color

Classic Yellow, Light Flesh Tone

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