Anime Adventurers Minifigure Decals
Stickers: Anime Adventurers Pack 2 (Nobles)
March 5, 2018
BrickWarriors Mohawk Hair
BrickWarriors Mohawk Hair
March 16, 2018
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Stickers: Anime Adventurers COLLECTION


Fighting under a banner bearing the emblem of their people, the Anime Adventurers will walk through fire for their kingdom!

This collection includes ALL of the minifigure stickers from Anime Adventurers Collections 1-7, including the male and female versions of the Mage Hero, plus a bonus Black Samurai not included in any other pack!

Recommended minifig colors:
Top row: all black
Second row: dark grey, black or dark tan, black, tan, black, dark red, black or tan, white, sand red or black, black or dark grey
Third row: white, dark blue, white, white, dark blue, black, dark blue x3
Fourth row: blue with dark brown legs, dark red, red, black, light grey

Additional information
Skin Color

Classic Yellow, Light Flesh Tone

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