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September 16, 2017
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October 7, 2017
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The only way to protect humanity is by keeping a close overwatch. But who watches the Watchers?

Recommended minifigure colors:
Gunner: Black torso & legs
Racer: Dark Tan torso, Orange legs
Mad Bomber: Skin Color torso, Dark Green legs
Disc Jockey: Green torso, Blue legs, Brown arms/head
Support Sniper: Black torso (or dark tan coat), Medium Flesh head
Ninja: White torso & legs
Pilot: Blue torso & legs
Phantom: Black torso & legs
Assassin: Purple torso, Black arms and legs, Light Grey head
Cowboy: Dark Brown torso & legs

NOTE: Watcher Guardian Angel / Witch Sold Separately. Click here!

Additional information
Skin Color

Classic Yellow, Flesh Tones

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