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Minifig: Space Wars Dark Matron
August 29, 2017
Elder Series Imperial General Minifigure
Elder Series 5 Centurion
August 29, 2017
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Minifig: Elder Series 5 Imperial General

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The Elder Series adventurers are among the world’s best dungeon delvers, exploring deep into caves & ruins, fighting demons and dragons, and finding ancient scrolls and lost artifacts!

The Imperial General is a major leader in the human Empire. Clad in gold armor, he is an imposing sight at the head of any army on the battlefield! NOTE: Sword is optional. Minifigure includes everything else seen in photo.

NOTE: If helmet is excluded, a grey hair piece will be included instead.

Elder Series 5 Centurion


BrickWarriors Spartan Helmet – optional

This ancient Greek Corinthian style helmet is iconic, not only for hoplite soldiers of ancient Greece, but for all of Western civilization since then! Sleek and intimidating, the Spartan Helmet fits perfectly onto most minifigure heads, and features a hole on top for the BrickWarriors Spartan Plume (crest)!


BrickForge Military Sword – optional

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Elder Series 5 Centurion

BrickWarriors Spartan Helmet

BrickForge Military Sword

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