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October 23, 2018
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November 3, 2018
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Minifig: Historic Spartan Assassin

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The ancient Greek Spartans lived by a simple creed: only the strong survive! And when strength alone won’t do the trick, the assassin’s way is also an option. Create the hero of your odyssey with this custom minifigure!

Minifig comes fully assembled, with stickers attached, as seen in photo. Spear is optional; add if desired. Additional weapons sold separately; see below for recommendations!

Spartan Assassin


BrickWarriors Iklwa Zulu Spear – optional

BrickWarriors Spartan Helmet – optional

This ancient Greek Corinthian style helmet is iconic, not only for hoplite soldiers of ancient Greece, but for all of Western civilization since then! Sleek and intimidating, the Spartan Helmet fits perfectly onto most minifigure heads, and features a hole on top for the BrickWarriors Spartan Plume (crest)!


BrickWarriors Spartan Plume (Crest) – optional

No Greek Corinthian helm would be complete without this magnificent horse-hair crest! Fits perfectly into the top of the BrickWarriors Spartan Helmet. Have your hoplite proudly display his plumage as he defends the lands of ancient Greece!

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Additional information
Weight 0.1 lbs

Spartan Assassin

Skin Color

Classic Yellow, Light Flesh Tone


Male, Female

BrickWarriors Iklwa Zulu Spear



BrickWarriors Spartan Helmet


Pearl Gold, Steel

BrickWarriors Spartan Plume (Crest)


Dark Red

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