Stickers: Alien Invasion S3 Hoverbike Stickers
October 10, 2022
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October 10, 2022
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Stickers: Alien Invasion S3 Human Vehicles


In the night sky, a halo of light erupts from a distant planet: an explosion from orbital bombardment. The Alien Invasion has begun! Earth’s first line of defense are the Space Corps Marines – the United Nations has ordered them to defend Earth and her colonial territories by any means necessary! Quick as a mongoose, this little buggy will get you from point A to point B in a flash!

NOTE: This pack is intended to go with the Alien Invasion Marine ATV and Alien Invasion Human Tank instructions sets!

This pack includes the following stickers:
– 1x Dark Grey “050396” sticker for 1×2 tile
– 1x Green “975 A3” sticker for 1×2 tile
– 2x Light Grey vent/grill stickers for 1×2 tiles
– 4x Dark Grey “NO STEP” stickers for 1×2 tiles
– 1x Green Scorpion Emblem for 2×2 tile
– 2x headlight stickers
– 1x windshield/windscreen frame sticker for 2×2 tile

Additional information
Shade of Green

Green, Sand Green, Olive Green, Dark Green, Dark Grey

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