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Stickers: Norse Viking Berserkers


In Norse mythology, Berserkers were warriors of Odin who wore the skins of animals and went into battle with little to no armor. Fueled by a mad rage called berserkergang, they bit the edges of their shields while waiting for a battle to start, and felt no pain from their wounds. Those who wore wolf-skin cowls were sometimes called Ulfhedinn.

This set includes stickers (ONLY stickers – NOT minifigures!) for three (3) berserker minifigures – one with a tan beard, one dark tan beard, and one reddish brown beard.

Recommended minifigure color: skin color torso (legs can be whatever color you prefer)

Additional information
Skin Color

Classic Yellow, Light Flesh Tone

Animal Hide Color

Black, White, Brown, Tan, Dark Tan, Light Grey, Dark Grey

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