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September 21, 2019
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September 21, 2019
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Stickers: Sci-Fi Ultra Space Marines


Clad in massive power-armor, wielding an enormous warhammer, the Space Marine defends the galactic civilization of mankind with righteous conviction, purging heretics and minions of chaos!

NOTE: ONLY stickers are included. Includes stickers for two (2) Space Marines, with front & back torsos, legs, helmet visor, and shoulder emblems. Also includes some extra helmet stickers.

If the colors & emblems you are looking for are not available, send an email and let us know!

Additional information
Colors and Emblems

Ultra Blue, Ultra Dark Blue, Dark Grey Scorpions, Green Angels, White LIghtning, Light Grey Wolves, Yellow Fists, Red Angels, Dark Red Angels, Iron Gloves, Green Salamanders, Black Ravens, Black Crusaders, Black Snakes

Helmet Mask Type

Gas Mask (seen in photo), Flat Face Plates

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