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Wulfgard: Into the North: Chapters 5 & 6 – Paperback Comic


The story of Wulfgard: Into the North continues!

The Wanderer must struggle to survive as he is hunted in the waking world by a werewolf and her pack, and hunted in his dreams by a mysterious woman with dark secrets. Meanwhile, in the Imperial capital city, the young elven thief Whisper finds herself in a den of assassins, sorcerers, and demons. Should she attempt to escape, or see her personal mission through to the end?

This 40-page sequel to my previous comic, Wulfgard: Into the North, continues the adventures of Stígander and Whisper in two additional chapters! This printed, perfect-bound paperback version of Chapters 5 & 6 also includes bonus art pages, and the art of every single frame of chapter 6 has been heavily improved from the webcomic version!

The Limited Edition version features alternate cover artwork by my sister, Maegan A. Stebbins (with colors & shading by me)! It shows Daemonique facing off with Maegan’s character, Kye, who appears prominently in chapter 6. Each Limited Edition is signed and numbered out of 25! Once they’re all sold, they’re gone for good! (But if you miss it, worry not: Maegan’s cover art is featured on one of the interior pages of both versions.)

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