More Brickarms Weapons, plus Laser Sword Blades

HUGE Shop Update – Summer ’23!
August 12, 2023
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More Brickarms Weapons, plus Laser Sword Blades

5 new Brickarms items have been added to the shop!
Brickarms M21 Sniper Rifle
Brickarms M1851 Navy Revolver
Brickarms M84 Grenade
Brickarms StG44 Vampir
Brickarms A-280C Blast Rifle

Also, the popular Brickarms A-280C Blast Rifle is back in stock!

And, you can now add light blades to the BrickForge Laser Sword items that were added recently! 7 colors available! Check them out:
BrickForge Laser Sword (Space Knight)
BrickForge Laser Sword (Evil Apprentice)

If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t forget to check the HUGE Shop Update – Summer ’23! for tons more recently added products!


  1. bransonbrew says:

    When will be able to commission you for minifigures

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