HUGE Shop Update – Summer ’23!

New Stuff Report: Summer 2022
July 22, 2022
More Brickarms Weapons, plus Laser Sword Blades
August 22, 2023
New Stuff Report: Summer 2022
July 22, 2022
More Brickarms Weapons, plus Laser Sword Blades
August 22, 2023

I hope you guys are having a great summer! I also hope you’ve all been reading my webcomic, Wulfgard: Into the North, and following me on social media for more regular updates! You can find all the links using the social media buttons on our home page. Also, to REALLY keep up with my content with regular updates, sneak peeks, and exclusives, support me on Patreon for as little as $1 a month!

COMING SOON: Keep your eyes peeled for the next update in a few weeks or months, the WULFGARD & NOVA REFUGE UPDATE! Lots of new Wulfgard and Nova Refuge themed items coming!

With that out of the way, on to the new shop items!

New Minifigs:
Space Wars Custom Headhunter
Space Wars DvL Assassin Droid (new colors!)
Space Wars Galactic Emperor (resurrected version now available)
Anime Fantasy Fallen Angel
Anime Devil Hunter Hell Singer
Mythic Space Android Gunslinger
Alien Invasion Master Cyborg (now in Olive Green!)
Alien Invasion Cyborg Soldier Spy (Limited Edition)
Fantasy Elephant Riders
Fantasy Elder Series Thieves Guild Member
Merc Team Deathmatch Grunt
Post-Apoc Mascot
Wild West Outlaw Gang Characters
Superhero Demon-Spawn

New Stickers:
Blank Robes (Choose a Color)
Anime Adventurers Collection (updated!)
Fantasy Amazon Princesses
Fantasy Barbarian Conquerors
Fantasy Elder Series 4 Imperial Guards
Fantasy Elder Series 5 Thieves Guild Leathers
Fantasy Dark Spirits Collection (updated!)
Fantasy Dark Throne King & Guards
Fantasy Death Drengr
Fantasy Dungeon Delver Rodent Ladies
Fantasy Warcaster Trollhunter Duo
Shirtless Spartan Hoplites (updated)
Historic Medieval Flags / Banners
Post-Apoc Action Hero Viper
Red vs. Blue Merc Team Grunts
Sci-Fi Cyberpunk Rockstar and Samurai
Sci-Fi Mythic Space Cocky Android
Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Base Wall Panels
Sci-Fi Wormhole Gate Runes
Space Wars Trooper Jungle Scouts
Space Wars Headhunter Lords (formerly Iron Headhunter)
Space Wars Dark vs. Light Hunter-Killer Droids
Space Wars Future Hunter-Killer Droids
Superhero Wizard Family
Superhero 4 Team
Superhero X Uniforms
Superhero Jupiter Family
Superhero Iron Classic
Superhero Iron Lady
Superhero Gold Booster Pack
Zombie Attack Series 3 Pack
Zombie Attack Island Survivors

New Weapons & Accessories:
Brickarms SABR Shotgun
BrickWarriors Buffalo Rifle
BrickWarriors Brodie Helmet
BrickWarriors Chakram
BrickWarriors Skull Crusher Warhammer
BrickWarriors Rebel Dagger
BrickForge Laser Sword (Space Knight)
BrickForge Laser Sword (Evil Apprentice)
BrickForge Wizard Staff

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