BrickWarriors Naginata
BrickWarriors Naginata
November 12, 2020
Steampunk Infinite Revolutionaries
Stickers: Steampunk Infinite Revolutionaries
November 12, 2020
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Stickers: Fantasy Dark Throne Stag Knights


The Dark Stag Knights serve the last Prince of the Stag Lords, whose stern command will lead them to certain victory in the North! To other kings, war is just a game, but when the battle for the greatest of thrones is over, the House of the Stag intends to be the last one standing, no matter what they have to sacrifice!

Includes 3 shields and 6 torso stickers. Intended for Black minifigures. Select your shield shape from the drop-down menus above! See the Medieval Tabard & Shield sticker set for references regarding shield types.

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Shield shape

1.5cm Triangular, CMF Knight, Ovoid, BrickForge Knight

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