New Stuff Report: 2021

Lich and Living Paladin King Lords Custom LEGO Minifigures
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November 12, 2020
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July 22, 2022
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New Stuff Report: 2021

Has it really been a whole year since I made a news post? I really need to post these more often. If you want more frequent news, be sure to follow me on social media, and don’t forget to support me on Patreon if you can – just $1 a month gets access to weekly news posts with early access and exclusive content!
Anyway, enough of that – here’s everything that’s new this year!

Join the Discord Server

First of all, if you chat on Discord, be sure to join us here on the Saber-Scorpion’s Lair Discord! There is also Discord for my sci-fi and fantasy universes of Wulfgard and Nova Refuge! We have lots of fun Wulfgard emojis!

All New Items in the Shop

New Minifigures:
Fantasy Dark Spirits Demon Slayer
Fantasy Warcaster Orc vs Human Soldiers
Fantasy Warcaster Wolf King
Historic Gladiator General and Good Emperor
Post-Apoc Advanced Combat Armor MK2
Post-Apoc Desert Trooper
Space Wars Dark vs. Light Advisors
Space Wars Unleashed Blue Warrior
Space Wars Unleashed Cyber Zombie
Space Wars Unleashed Pilot Jacket
Space Wars Huntress Blademaster
Space Wars Huntress Mother and Daughter
Space Wars DvL Mercenary Crusader
Space Wars DvL Astrodroid
Space Wars Light Apprentice Girl
Space Wars Hand of the Emperor
Sci-Fi Hazmat Enforcer
Sci-Fi Space Marine Officer
Wild West Goodguy Gunslinger
Steampunk Infinite Revolutionary Heroes

New Stickers:
Space Wars Dark vs. Light Advisors
Space Wars Darkness Unleashed Pack 4
Space Wars Headhunter Ladies
Space Wars Last Guardians Pack
Space Wars Ancient Dark Lords Collection
Space Wars Assorted Ancient Warriors
Post-Apoc Advanced Combat Armor MK2
Fantasy Dark Spirits Pack 4
Fantasy Warcaster Human Footsoldiers
Fantasy Warcaster Orc Grunts
Fantasy Warcaster Undead Prince & Princess
Historic Gladiator General Pack
Historic Horatii Armor Pack
Comical Fantasy Skeleton Knight
Superhero Demon-Spawn Pack
Sci-Fi Interdimensional Enforcers
Sci-Fi Space Marine Vampires
Sci-Fi Space Marine Officers
Anime Pilot Academy Pack
EDIT – Forgot these!:
Wulfgard Redfeather, Sid, and Varylys
Wulfgard Templars Stevan and Ameliora
Wulfgard Shieldmaiden Cynthia
Wulfgard Exile Tom Drake
Wulfgard Lady Severina Kallistos

New Weapons & Accessories:
BrickWarriors Enhanced Warrior Rifle
BrickWarriors Dragonman Lizard Head
BrickWarriors War Hammer
BrickWarriors Headwrap Mask
BrickForge Coilgun Rifle

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