New Stuff Report: Summer 2022

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November 7, 2021
HUGE Shop Update – Summer ’23!
August 12, 2023
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New Stuff Report: Summer 2022



  1. Ben says:

    Hello, I used to frequent your website allll the time when I was a kid. Then life got more hectic, Lego got put in a box, yknow. But I recently rediscovered my love of lego and of course came to check out what’s been going on over here. I’m so glad the site is still here and you’re still going strong. I was sad, however, to find that some of my favorites of your MOCs are not on the website anymore. Is there a different place to go to look at the older pictures? Namely the old west lego ‘comic’ I always liked the part with the spears in the bushes during the cavalry charge.

  2. benicio.g.reyna says:

    Hi I was looking at your Elder Scrolls 5 guard sticker pack, I also noticed the complete minifigure. The minifigure comes with the Brick Warrior Crossbowman helmet. Could you sell that individually?

    • Justin Stebbins says:

      Hello! I’m sorry, but those helmets are currently unavailable, except on the minifigure. I will get them back in stock for separate purchase as soon as they become available from the manufacturer again.

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