New Stuff Update: February 2018

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November 24, 2017
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June 27, 2018
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New Stuff Update: February 2018

Custom Minifigures: Night Watch

Custom Minifigures: Night Watch

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, hasn’t it? I hope you’re keeping up with me on social media for more frequent (usually 1-2 times a week) updates! My social media buttons are at the bottom of the website.

I also hope you’re following my webcomic! I post a new page there pretty much every week, on Sundays. Made possible by my Patreon supporters – please take a look there and consider backing for some cool rewards!

In any case, let’s go through what has been added to the shop since my last post…

New Minifigures:

New Stickers:

Weapons & Accessories

More are always being added! Keep an eye on the front page for new items!

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