Regular News Updates Coming

Zombie Survivor Custom Minifigure
New Stuff Report: September 1st
September 2, 2018
Battle of the Wolves and Flayed Men
New Stuff: Wolves in the Fold
May 30, 2019
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Regular News Updates Coming

So, I’ve been neglecting my News page in favor of social media updates for far too long. It’s time for the return of regular news updates, like in days of old! But be sure to follow me on social media too! You can find the social media icons at the bottom of the front page. And don’t forget, all supporters of my Patreon get exclusive weekly updates!

From now on, I will post an update here in the News section whenever I add ANY new items to the shop, as SOON as they are added! That will make it easier for me to keep up too. I’ve already lost track of everything I’ve added since the last update, but here are some of the newest things available:




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